Church Council

COUNCIL CHANGES: At our Semi-Annual Congregational meeting we elected new council members: Ken Dudas, Arlene Kava, Doris Maphis, Donna Meinke, and Liisa Woo. At the next meeting on June 13, Council will voted for officers and assign committee positions. A big thank you to our out-going council members: Susan Thompson, Becky Matyas, Judy Schuster, Mark Speelman, and Sue Steinman, most having served four years.


President:  Jim Watson, 330-723-4828 –

Vice President:  Pat Grant, 330-948-4418 –

Treasurer: Donna Meinke, 330-416-0095 –

Secretary:  Pat Grant, 330-948-4418 –

Education Committee:  Doris Maphis, 440-376-7312 – and       Liisa Woo, 330-416-4512 –

Fellowship Committee:  Arlene Kava, 330-273-8612

Social Outreach Committee:  (same as Education)

Property Committee:     Bill Ostmann, 330-723-5488 –

Worship Committee:  Peggy Tampson, 330-723-4828 –

Council meets every second Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. at the church