We have several council members who are in charge of committees.  Our committees are always looking for ideas and input.  Feel free to speak to any of our committee chairpeople and volunteer your time, assistance and input.

Fellowship Committee:  Arlene Kava, Chair

Our Fellowship Committee is in charge of a lot of gatherings.  They host men’s and women’s gatherings, social events throughout the year, our annual picnic, refreshments for Sunday worship and combined worship services throughout the year.

Social Outreach and Education:  Liisa Woo and Kathy Forster, Co-Chairs

Outreach sponsors the grocery cart in the entry that we fill and deliver to the Community Services Center each month, collections for Lutheran World Relief, local Christmas projects, delivering greetings and bread to visitors, planning work projects for God’s Work. Our Hands annual work day, and our lap quilt ministry for Medina Hospital and Hospice.

Education Committee oversees Sunday School and Bible Study activities.  We currently have adult Sunday School for adults led by our Pastor, Elizabeth Hadler, and elementary Sunday School taught by Judy and Lori Schuster and Millie Thompson. Sunday School is at 11:00 a.m. following Fellowship during the school year.

Property Committee:  Bill Ostmann, Chair

This committee works to keep our building clean and in good repair.  We schedule regular yard cleanups and interior projects.  Just as in your home, our building needs regular upkeep.

Worship Committee:  Donna Dudas, Chair

This very busy committee works together with our pastor and organist to commemorate all the seasons of the church year with special worship services, decorations, music and events.  This includes regular music from our choir and extra musicians.