Sponsored Children

Our first sponsored child, adopted in 2002, was Mayra Beatriz Angamarca from Ecuador. When she turned 18 the sponsorship ended and we wish her well as she has matured into a wonderful young woman.


Dear Sponsors, How have you been? I am very happy to write you again from my wonderful country, Ecuador. I would like to tell you that I am a beautiful young girl and I have celebrated my 15th birthday. I am so happy because I am writing this letter for you. I have not seen you in person but I know that you read my letters. I would like to tell you that I can cook very well like my mom. I help her with the chores. I like to clean the house when I am listening to music so I can get the inspiration I need to do it. I am a good student and I get along with my classmates. I am in 9th grade and I am one of the best students. I work hard to make the best grades and then I enjoy my break with my family. Thank you so much for the generous and constant help you give me through Children International. Goodbye with a warm hug. – Narcisa Nataly Zambrano Molina. (translated)

Mohammad GufranMohammad Gufran, from India, has been our child since 2007. He is now 14, speaks Hindi, and his favorite subject is languages. He and his family live in a one-room concrete home with no running water or bathroom. The family uses community faucets for their water and a community latrine and they cook on a kerosene stove. Mohammad lives with his father, a daily worker, mother, two older brothers who will soon be out of the house, and a younger sister. Their monthly income is approximately $150, less than a U.S. family might pay for a day’s outing at a theme park.

Children International sponsorship is open to all. The monthly cost is $25 per child plus the opportunity to send gifts for special occasions. You can see how $25 can greatly impact the quality of life for these family\kies. It enables the children to attend school properly dressed and fed. The organization does amazing things with small amounts of money. It is a special privilege to meet these special children and to watch them blossom.